ALBI's Three-Year Plan

ALBI is an alliance of Indonesian businesses that are focused on the benefits of low carbon development across many sectors, not just those related to the environment. The Alliance’s objective over the next three years is to grow its membership and ensure a fully cross sectoral and authoritative voice for all businesses in Indonesia, thereby enabling a policy vision to grow and adapt to change.

Most Recent News

At the Sharp end - A large-scale solar plant for Indonesia

The Indonesian government in Jakarta announced plans of building a large-scale solar power plant boasting a maximum of 100MW. In order to ...

Indonesia Expects Growth in Gas Emissions

Indonesia expects to see growth in greenhouse gas emissions by 2 percent per year, reaching 2.80 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalents by 20...

Sector Challenge Films

Each ALBI sector group has produced a selection of films that illustrate the complex green economy challenges facing them. 

The story of how Holcim Indonesia's Geocycle has been introducing Low Carbon into their products and services.
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